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About Us


At CAR CARes we pride ourselves on our professionalism, our vast product knowledge and experience of virtually every vehicle but above all our incomparable workmanship.

They faithfully take really good care of my supercar to me it look better than new.  Supercar Owner You may have read about us in an online forum or in the press, maybe a car dealership has passed on a good word about us, perhaps you have a friend who is one of our loyal customers or maybe you or a friend have visited our OMR center and undergone a FOAM WASH PLUS whichever way you found us our loyal clientele new and old, find us via word of mouth with every new customer acquisition reaching us in this way.

The very best of detailing in the country. I get them to do half a dozen of my cars every year. Customer from another state.

We have experience in detailing every single vehicle available in the Indian market as well as those who imported.

Cleaned thousands of cars and now boasts a string of clients Press

Our O.M.R. workshop is based on busiest part of O.M.R. Perungudi. Here we offer our detailing services to meet your exact needs  whether you require a basic waxing to revive your daily drive or an extensive Jeremiah David detail on your pride and joy. At CAR CARes we understand that a car isnt just a car. CAR CARes was founded with a deep love and passion for all cars and this is reflected in everything we do. We wouldnt be where we are today without our precious loyal customers, and for that we thank you.

They made my dull old swift look brand new Happy customer

I trust them with my 2 decade old Mercedes. They know what is best to make it look in great shape.  Mercedes Benz Customer

They did a great job on my Honda City. Now Ive got a shoebox full of their bills. Id like to say Im their most regular customer. Happy customer.

This is the best place to spot exotic cars in Chennai. I get my Chevy Cruze washed here regularly Happy customer

They care for cars better than doctors care for people. My jag is always safe in Davids hands. Happy customer

Best care detailing center in Chennai. No questions asked. Happy customer

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